Adopted Pet Brings Immeasurable Joy
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Posted on August 01, 2012, August 01, 2012

Adopted Pet Zoey becomes Friend and Protector

When Katy Lind and her late fiancé visited Arlington Animal Services (AAS) in April 2011 in search of a new friend and companion for their family pet Baxter, little did they know of the enormity of the decision they made that day.

Together they chose Zoey, a sweet and fragile four month old, seemingly shy Pit Bull/Terrier mix in search of a good and loving home. Zoey's dream came true. Within a day of being welcomed into her new home, Zoey blended right in with her adoptive family and she and Baxter became fast friends.

Terrible tragedy struck one month later when Lind's fiancé passed away without any warning. From that day forward, Zoey's attachment to her grieving pet parent has grown as she seems to instinctively sense when and what to do to help lend support through such an emotionally devastating event.

Lind describes Zoey as a blessing and that she "knows when I'm sad and she knows how to make me feel better". Lind's touching story provides further proof of the beneficial and therapeutic benefits of having a pet.

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I wanted to share my success story with you…

I adopted my Zoey from you a year ago this past April and what a blessing she's been! My late fiance' (Kevin) and I had been looking online for several days trying to find a friend for our dog Baxter who had just lost his best buddy, our other dog Dixie. We had Dixie for many years and the loss was very sudden which left us heartbroken.

Kevin ran across Zoey's picture and she was so pitiful looking we knew she was the one who needed our home. She was so timid and scared the day we brought her home, she sat in her crate with the door open for 20 minutes before even moving. She didn't step all the way out of her crate until the following day. She did warm up to Baxter and he proudly took his "role" as big brother. Zoey was glued to his side from that day because he provided comfort and security to her when she needed it most.

And Zoey took on that role for me when I lost Kevin unexpectedly a few months later. She was there to comfort me during that very difficult time and she continues to be there for me today. Zoey's not only my pet; she's also my protector and most importantly, my beloved friend!

Katy Lind

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