Pets of the Week – Meet Clinton & Rolf
By City of Arlington
Posted on September 04, 2018, September 04, 2018

Cat of the Week -Meet Clinton

This two year old female Domestic Medium Hair is brown, black and white in color. An active young cat, Clinton is looking for a new pet guardian. She is quite curious about her surroundings and likes playing with toys. Upon first meeting you, she may seem a little timid but she quickly overcomes her shyness. She does like to be petted but is easily distracted by toys. A loving family with older children would probably be a good match for this feline. Come elect Clinton as your new furry companion. Meet Clinton in Cat Adoptions (CA) 31, her ID number is 39500662.

Dog of the Week -Meet Rolf

This two year old male Alaskan Husky mix is black and cream in color and weighs 48 pounds. Rolf is in need of a new pet guardian with high energy to match his energy level. He is a very active dog that likes to play with toys and would probably enjoy agility classes. A new owner who can establish themselves as the "leader of the pack" with Rolf would be a good match. Providing lots of attention and opportunities for exercise would be ideal for Rolf. Meet Rolf in Dog Adoptions (DA) 15, his ID number is 39439182.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Clinton & Rolf

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