Arlington Clergy and Police Partnership Welcomes 16 New Members
By Office of Communication
Posted on May 27, 2011, May 27, 2011

Clint Dobson Memorial Award Presented

About two years ago, Police Chief Theron Bowman wanted to form an alliance between the police department and members of the religious community. Thus, the Arlington Clergy and Police Partnership (ACAPP) was born.

ACAPP members, religious leaders from all denominations, support the community in times of crisis through action and prayer, participate in jail ministries and relay factual information back to the community.

The organization graduated 16 new members in its second class Thursday, May 26, 2011. Graduates had to complete 12 weeks of training, meeting once a week for three hours each time.

During the training, church leaders learned about all aspects of the Arlington Police Department (APD) to gain better insight into what the officers do and the scenarios they encounter. Through the education process, APD hopes that members will learn enough information to dispel any misconceptions about law enforcement.

After an address from Deputy City Manager Trey Yelverton, Chief Bowman spoke briefly to the graduates, thanking them for their commitments.

"What you do day in and day out is already important, but what you're adding on to that long list of what you already do is critically important for the life and the health of the city," Chief Bowman said.

Luis Jule of High Point Church was presented with the first Clint Dobson Memorial Award, given in honor of former ACAPP member and NorthPointe Baptist Church Pastor Clint Dobson, who was killed in March.

Chief James Hawthorne cited Jule's dedication and faithful attendance to ACAPP meetings as the cause for the recognition.

"This means more than I can say. I never expected this," Jule said. Remembering Dobson, for whom the award honors, Jule reflected, "He was a great man of God and I know he's in heaven where we all want to be one day."

Officer Kimberly Fretwell is planning another 12-week training session this fall for those interested in joining of the 38-member organization. For more information, visit

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