$550,000 Grant Helps City of Arlington Enhance Pioneer Parkway Median
By Susan Schrock
Posted on September 12, 2017, September 12, 2017
$550,000 Grant Helps City of Arlington Enhance Pioneer Parkway Median $550,000 Grant Helps City of Arlington Enhance Pioneer Parkway Median $550,000 Grant Helps City of Arlington Enhance Pioneer Parkway Median

Arlington was awarded a Green Ribbon Grant by the Texas Department of Transportation for landscaping enhancements to the central median of Pioneer Parkway/State Highway 303. Pioneer Parkway/Spur 303 functions as an important east-west transportation corridor within Arlington.

The project includes a 10-mile span of construction to enhance the aesthetic of the highway, increase urban tree canopy cover and minimize urban air pollution. Improvements include landscape beds with permanent irrigation systems and native plants, including ornamental trees, ornamental drought-tolerant grasses, native shrubs, and 75 shade trees.

"In 2008 we began 'Green the Oaks,' a program which kicked off a beautification initiative throughout the city," said Gary Packan, Parks and Recreation assistant director. 'Green the Oaks' was focused on greening up medians, specifically on our pilot plot along Green Oaks Boulevard, which still continues today."

The Pioneer Parkway Green Ribbon project continues that initiative thanks to the City's partners at TxDOT, Packan said. The Parks and Recreation Department has planted thousands of trees since 2008 and will continue to beautify the city utilizing grant fund when available.

Construction began in late March and is expected to be substantially complete early January 2018. The project will exclude medians that reside within the Town of Pantego.

On November 10, 2015, the Arlington City Council authorized the execution of a Local Project Advance Funding Agreement with TxDOT of Fort Worth for Supplemental Transportation Program Green Ribbon Project in the amount of $400,000. As the project design progressed, planners realized additional funding would be necessary to include enhancements at key locations. TxDOT approved a request for an additional $150,000 on August 8, 2016, bringing the total of the grant to $550,000.

"We are pleased to have received additional funding from TxDOT. This has allowed us to include enhancements at key intersections and add more shade trees along the highway," said Mitali Mandlekar, park project manager.

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