30 Seconds with Animal Services Volunteer William Oglesby
By Office of Communication
Posted on May 05, 2015, May 05, 2015

30 Seconds with Volunteer William Oglesby

  1. What' s your name? William Oglesby
  2. Nick name? None
  3. How long have you been a volunteer? Since April 2012 at Animal Services, 20+ at other places (Cooks Children' s, Jewish Family Services, Temple Emanu-El, and APD).
  4. Where are you from? Born in Fort Worth, lived in Pakistan for two years when I was younger, and then back to Arlington and around the world with the Navy.
  5. What music CD do you like? The Beatles
  6. What' s the last movie you saw? Lincoln
  7. What' s your favorite animal? I like them all
  8. What' s your favorite reality show? I don' t really care for reality shows
  9. What book are you reading right now? None
  10. Where was your last vacation? Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Warsaw
  11. What' s your favorite quote or saying? Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World) not really a saying or quote. It' s a lifestyle/commandment. Maybe L' Chaim To Life is another saying.
  12. What' s your favorite hobby? Music/fixing up my ' 66 Mustang
  13. How much time do you spend volunteering per week? 7 or more hours at various places
  14. What do you enjoy most about volunteering? Schmoozing with the animals/people/kids
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