Arlington Animal Services Volunteers Assist SPCA with Pets Displaced by Hurricane Harvey
By Kimberly Idrogo
Posted on October 05, 2017, October 05, 2017

Arlington Animal Services

Arlington Animal Services volunteers recently assisted the SPCA of Texas in Dallas by providing care for family pets temporarily relocated here from communities affected by Hurricane Harvey

Though the hurricane recovery process is in full swing, some families have not returned to their home or have no home for them or their pets to return to, said Angie Rayburn-Pigat, Arlington Animal Services administrative coordinator.

"I wish we could do more to help. For now, we'll help keep the family pets occupied during this tragedy," Rayburn-Pigat said.

Many of the animals relocated here were sheltered in Dallas in makeshift shelters. SPCA of Texas in Dallas stepped in and created a mega-shelter for many of those displaced pets.

Arlington Animal Services volunteers assisted the SPCA of Texas in Dallas with the animals on two occasions, walking and socializing dozens of animals. These are animals that are used to being at home with their families and going for walks, so they were extremely excited to receive human contact, to run outside and play, Rayburn-Pigat said.

Nayara Serrano, Arlington Animal Services volunteer, said she sympathizes with those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and can relate to the struggles and worries they face.

"I understand the pain of the evacuees. I have not heard from my grandmother or father in Puerto Rico since the hurricane (Maria) hit there," Serrano said.

The SPCA of Texas has a large group of volunteers who assist with daily operations, the same way it's done with Arlington Animal Services. Due to a sense of urgency, only city volunteers who had been trained on how to handle and care for the animals were asked to assist.

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