“We were happy to be a part of the Arlington Random Acts of Kindness Initiative. As a family-owned and operated restaurant, Prince Lebanese Grill is big on sharing our hospitality with people. We have always preached it to our staff and how we treat our customers, but what was really cool was seeing our customers get involved too. One thing that stands out to me after the sign was posted was a gentleman who was having lunch with his wife approached me in the middle of his meal. He pointed to a table of 6 men in uniform. They were members of the United States Air Force. They were having lunch at Prince. He said that he wanted to pay for their meal. It was truly a random act of kindness. He wanted to remain anonymous. He just wanted to do something nice for them, and did not even want a thank you for it. I began to see it almost weekly, when a table of in-uniform police officers or first-responders would come in to have a meal, customers would tell the waitress they want to pick up their check. We even got to a point where multiple people would ask to pay for the same table of officers. It was great to see our community taking care of each other, and showing appreciation for the people who risk so much to keep us safe on a daily basis. And it was all through these random acts of kindness. Most of the time the person paying for the table did it anonymously. Seeing things like that make you happy to be a member of this community.“
– Aziz Kobty, Prince Lebanese Grill

"At Mending Clinic acts of kindness abound, however, this was most evident in July when coworkers and business partners had an opportunity to support each other in tangible ways. For us, The kindness Initiative has served as a reminder of the many ways we can make a positive difference daily. Having the sign displayed outside and inside make our staff and our clients more mindful about kindness."
– Jorge Gama, Director, Mending Clinic Arlington

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