Easy Rider: Electric Bikes Now Available for Rent at River Legacy Parks
By Parks And Recreation
Posted on October 06, 2017, October 06, 2017

 Rent at River Legacy Parks

Electric bicycles are now available for rent to use at River Legacy Parks, one of Arlington 's most visited amenities.

Arlington Parks and Recreation recently granted Adventure Electric Bicycles, LLC a permit to rent electric bicycles to visitors at River Legacy Parks, a 1,300-acre park with more than 10 miles of hard surface trails. The north Arlington park is a popular place for residents to exercise, practice sports, ride bicycles and spend time with family.

Additionally, River Legacy is also a favored spot for Adventure Electric Bicycles ' customers, who often rent eBikes to ride in the park. Located at the corner of North Collins Street and Northeast Green Oaks Boulevard, the bike shop is only 1.5 miles from River Legacy 's main entrance.

Adventure Electric Bicycles will be offering eBike rentals two-days a week -Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. Rentals will be available in the park from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Reservations can be made in advance by going to their website. The rental location will be in central River Legacy Parks by the main restrooms and playground.

Electric bicycles are a new trend sweeping the nation after years of popularity in Europe and Asia. The operation of an eBike is similar to that of a regular bicycle; Riders must pedal the bike, but as they do so, an electric motor will contribute up to 90 percent of the effort it takes to move the bike.

Electric bicycles do not require a license to operate and can be ridden anywhere you would ride a regular bicycle, including paved park trails and bike lanes.

Bike Rental Requirements

  • Age 18 or above, unless with a parent who also rides with the minor and signs release
  • Have experience riding a bicycle
  • Minimum 5 ft tall or fits the bike if shorter (balls of feet touching ground while sitting on the bike)
  • Picture ID
  • Payment with credit or debit card, no cash.
  • Helmet provided with rental or they can bring their own
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