Citizens’ Act of Kindness is Memorialized at Arlington Animal Services Center
By Carol Weemes
Posted on March 16, 2018, March 16, 2018


This act of kindness is bittersweet. It begins with an extremely injured cat, clinging to life, found lying on a busy Arlington street.

A snowball effect begins. First, a concerned UT Arlington student named Peyton and his friends step in to rescue the cat from its perilous situation. Next on scene is Arlington resident, Linda Yarbrough, currently the Special Assistant to the C.E.O. of SPCA of Texas. Yarbrough who served on the Animal Services Advisory Board for two terms - from 1998 to 2004 and from 2015 to 2017. Yarbrough's commitment and love for the Animal Services Center and fur babies around the city never lessens as she continues to help in any way she can.

Yarbrough was the second to lend aid in the rescue. She took the badly wounded cat from Peyton and hurried to Veterinary Referral & Emergency Hospital of Arlington for help. After careful contemplation and Herculean efforts by the emergency clinic staff, euthanasia was determined to be the most humane outcome to end the cat's suffering. The injured cat's final moments included Yarbrough by its side, holding his paw, while the veterinarian provided a painless and peaceful end.

No one would have ever thought an animal shelter formerly referred to as a "dog pound" would turn into a place for a citizen to turn to for animal, as well as human assistance. While Yarbrough was recently serving as a judge at this year's Heritage Team presentations at the Animal Services Center, she shared her poignant story. Yarbrough purchased a memorial brick in the name of "Peyton and Friends" to honor their quick response and heroic rescue. The brick paver memorial, placed on the Animal Services commemorative walkway, provides a place of remembrance of their compassion.

"There are so many roles to choose from to be actively involved, by all ages, and organizations, to help," Animal Services Manager Chris Huff said. "I am never surprised when those former board members and/or volunteers continue to show compassion in our community."

Animal Services also offers Pet Grief Sessions on the fourth Saturday of each month, led by Volunteer Coordinator, Ms. Dottie. Time spent in a session provides those making a difficult decision a listening ear, and those suffering the loss of a beloved pet a safe place to share their feelings and stories.

Yarbrough's acts of kindness of getting (and being) involved, and for recognizing the act of kindness by Peyton and his friends will long be remembered.

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