Arlington Water Tower Receives Facelift, New Logo
By Reginald Lewis - Office of Communication
Posted on July 02, 2015, July 02, 2015

A rehabilitation project featuring the City of Arlington's water tower located at Matlock and George Finger Road has been completed with a new paint job and the City's updated logo.

This $1.3 million rehabilitation project is part of regular maintenance conducted by the Arlington Water Utilities Department. Funding for this project came from the water utility rate payers.

A 2014 inspection of the tank, which holds about two million gallons of water, revealed that the coating needed to be replaced and some internal repairs were required. Coating systems on storage tanks typically last 10 to 15 years. The tank was last recoated in 2004.

According to Arlington's Water Utilities Department, the Matlock tank is the first one in the city's system to feature the new logo because it is first with a need for recoating.

The project included, among other things, painting the exterior of the tank, painting the logo, re-coating all dry and wet surfaces of the interior bowl of the tank, replacing the tank vent, and replacing safety climb features.

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