Arlington’s Action Center Provides New Callback Service to Save Residents Time
By Traci Peterson
Posted on November 13, 2017, November 13, 2017

 Provides New Callback

Arlington residents calling the city with questions about Arlington Water Utilities or other services have a new option starting this week - a callback service to save them time on hold when call volumes are high.

About 12,000 calls each month are received through the Arlington Water Utilities Customer Care line at 817-275-5931. Starting Monday, Nov. 13, residents whose calls to that number aren't answered immediately can choose to wait on hold or keep their place in the line of waiting callers, hang up and receive a call back when an operator is available.

The Arlington Action Center, which also answers calls for city services such as code enforcement and animal services, will also debut the new callback service this week. Residents with questions or concerns about city services also can save time on the phone by downloading the free Ask Arlington app to report issues.

The new callback service is available during business hours. Residents with a water or sewer emergency can call Arlington Water Utilities emergency line 24 hours a day at 817-459-5900.

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