Library Hosts Superheroes Tour for Area Residents
By Arlington Public Library
Posted on July 19, 2015, July 19, 2015


This summer the Arlington Public Library celebrated local superheroes by hosting a series of programs called the Community Superheroes Tour.

These programs took place at recreation centers all around Arlington to give families a chance to meet their neighborhood firefighters and police officers. Additionally, visits from retired military personnel were also included in these tours.

The attending children and parents were eager to listen to these courageous men and women share stories about their day-to-day duties, how they prepared to be a firefighters, police officers, or members of the military, and their proudest moments on the job. The kids' faces lit up when they each had their turn to climb inside a real fire engine or look closely at a police motorcycle. The families were also excited to see pieces of military uniforms, medals, and other gear on display.

The Community Super Heroes Tour has presented several great events throughout June and July. The program has been a wonderful opportunity for the Arlington Public Library to partner with the Parks and Recreation, Fire, and Police departments to provide unique, meaningful events for Arlington residents.

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