Dream Builders: Mother-Daughter Team Up for Arts & Crafts YouTube Show
By Ryan Hunt
Posted on November 16, 2017, November 16, 2017

Dream Builders is a show on MyArlingtonTV that highlights the ways our community is helping kids dream big, nurture their creativity, polish their skills and develop the tools they need to achieve their American Dream as young adults.

The latest Dream Builders episode focuses on DIY With Ollie, an arts, crafts and cooking YouTube show created by five-year-old Ollie Huynh and her mother, Mary Huynh.

Ollie was inspired to create the show after watching Alton Brown and his show, Good Eats, which aired on both Food Network and the Cooking Channel.

According to her mother, Ollie woke up one day and asked if she could create some videos teaching people how to make things. While Mary Huynh didn't have the tools necessary to record the show, family friends rushed to donate video equipment after they heard about the idea.

A little more than a year later, Ollie's YouTube channel has already received nearly 2,000 followers. New videos are uploaded every week on Tuesday and Friday.

To check out episodes of DIY with Ollie or to subscribe to her YouTube channel, please visit www.youtube.com/DIYwithOllie.

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