City of Arlington Awards $90,000 in Neighborhood Matching Grants
By Office of Communication
Posted on May 16, 2018, May 16, 2018

Neighborhood entrance improvements, additional lighting and playground enhancements are just a few of the projects that will receive funding this year through the City of Arlington's Neighborhood Matching Grant program.

On April 24, the Arlington City Council approved just over $90,000 in grant funds for nine projects proposed by neighborhoods across The American Dream City.

Since 2007, the Neighborhood Matching Grant program has provided financial support for projects and activities that foster civic pride, enhance and beautify neighborhoods and improve neighborhood vitality and participation. This program aligns with the City Council priority to Champion Great Neighborhoods.

The Royal Dominion Homeowners Association, which received a $15,400 Neighborhood Matching Grant, has a large landscaping and lighting project planned for its neighborhood near Brown and Cross Timbers. Members plan to replace the existing landscaping at the neighborhood entrance, add a new landscaped area, and also add lighting to improve visibility for pedestrians and drivers and discourage criminal activity.

"The RDHA is very grateful to have this opportunity to help keep our city beautiful. The HOA could never have afforded either of these goals without the assistance of the City program," Royal Dominion Homeowners Association board member Carla Vida said. "I think our neighborhood and the adjacent neighborhood will be really excited to see the changes and progress. Hopefully, other neighborhoods will become aware of this incredible opportunity and will want to participate in the future."

The Lake Port Village Community Association will use its $8,100 grant to install an entrance sign off New York Avenue," Association President Janice Hall said.

"This is something homeowners have expressed an interest in for a while. After the sign is installed, we plan to spruce up the area in front. It will not only show our neighborhood name, but also be more attractive," Hall said.

Residents in the Wooded Acres Subdivision have expressed interest in improving the appearance of the neighborhood entrances for some time, said Subdivision Manager Robin Green, but the cost was too prohibitive for the 80 homesteads. The $8,000 Neighborhood Matching Grant makes the subdivision's entryway signage and beautification project much more affordable and now residents are already talking about other possible improvement projects, he said.

"One of the nice byproducts of this endeavor is that many more neighbors are getting to know one another," Green said.

The Oak Canyon Homeowners Association plans to replace dying trees at the entrance to its community thanks to a $10,900 grant, Association President Joel Gartenberg said.

Parkway North, which received a $2,300 grant, will beautify its neighborhood entrance with a monument sign, said Joan Vitangeli, Parkway North project team leader.

With so much traffic on Green Oaks Boulevard, many people will see the City of Arlington's Neighborhood Matching Grant money at work, Vitangeli said.

Thanks to this project, neighbors are already planning a barbecue, cooking classes, a yard crawl, landscaping projects and more, she said.

"An unexpected blessing was to get to know our neighbors on a deeper level instead of waving on our way to and from work," Vitangeli said.

Tiffany Woods, which recently replaced its entryway sign thanks to a 2017 Neighborhood Matching Grant, will incorporate additional lighting for its entryway using its new $5,100 grant.

"Not only does the added lighting bring a well-needed component of safety for folks who are driving into our neighborhood and/or walking by during dusk or dawn, it also enhances the level of design sophistication and drama to the front entrance," resident Bernadette Nanni said. "It is both beautiful and safe, just the way we love it to be for all of our friends and family."

Neighborhood Matching Grant Recipients

  • Southwind Community Association Inc
    Neighborhood Trail
  • Royal Dominion Homeowners' Association, Inc.
    Landscape and Lighting Project
  • Waterwood Estates Neighborhood Association Inc.
    Entryway Column Update
  • OCH Inc
    Streetscape Tree Replacement
  • Lake Port Village Community Association Inc.
    Entryway Signage - New York Ave at Camaby Drive
  • Wooded Acres Subdivision
    Entryway Signage and Beautification
  • Tiffany Woods Inc.
    Entryway Lighting and Beautification
  • Parkway North Neighbors
    Entryway Signage
  • Wildwood Estates Owners Association
    Playground Remulch

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