January 2017 Volunteer of the Month: Alex Nervo
By Office of Communication
Posted on January 06, 2017, January 06, 2017

January 2017 Volunteer of the Month

The City of Arlington's Teen Court Program is an alternative justice program that works within the Arlington Municipal Court and uses youth participation to offer young offenders an opportunity to accept responsibility and make restitution for their offenses. Adult and teen volunteers are essential to the success of the program.

The City would like to recognize an exceptional teen volunteer who has been an active volunteer since joining the Arlington Teen Court Program. Alex Nervo has dedicated many Tuesday evenings volunteering for the Teen Court. He joined the program when he was a senior at Martin High School and continues to volunteer with the Arlington Teen Court program while attending the University of Texas at Arlington. Nervo is willing to volunteer whenever needed. He is a great teen attorney who is able to serve as a prosecutor or defense attorney. He also helps train new attorneys in Teen Court who are interested in the judicial system.

Outside of volunteering for the Arlington Teen Court Program, Nervo also volunteers at his local church, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, and as election clerk during election season. He is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and wants to be engineer when he graduates college. Along with engineering, Nervo is also majoring in applied mathematics.

The City of Arlington is very proud to choose Nervo as the Volunteer of the Month for the Arlington Teen Court Program. The City enjoys working with him and looks forward to seeing him succeed in the future.

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