City Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Mission Arlington with Proclamation
By Office of Communication
Posted on August 03, 2016, August 03, 2016

Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams proclaimed July 31, 2016, as 'Mission Arlington Day,' highlighting the downtown charity 's 30th year of operation under the leadership of Executive Director Tillie Burgin.

Mission Arlington was started on August 1, 1986, after Burgin and her family served as missionaries in South Korea and returned home with a new plan to serve the Arlington community.

Mission Arlington, located at 210 W. South Street in downtown Arlington, provides a variety of services for people in need: food, dental care, health care, emergency assistance, school supplies, and much more.

But just because the people Mission Arlington helps are in need, doesn 't mean they don 't have dreams for themselves, their family and their community. The work of Mission Arlington and Burgin assists those people in living their dreams, at a critical time in their lives.

City Celebrates 30th Anniversary

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