Pets of the Week – Meet Skylar & Lou
By Office of Communication
Posted on December 11, 2017, December 11, 2017

Dog of the Week - Meet Skylar

This six year old female Retriever Mix is black and cream in color and weighs 43 pounds. Skylar could be described as a high energy "toy hound". While she plays her part retrieving toys, Skylar really likes to carry them around-even two at a time. After displaying her retrieval instincts she appreciates a good belly rub. A loving family that can provide exercise opportunities and a home with a large yard is on Skylar's holiday wish list. Meet Skylar in Dog Adoptions (DA) 27; her ID number is 37151782.

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Cat of the Week - Meet Lou

This three and a half year old male Domestic Medium Hair is solid black in color. Lou is a somewhat laid back cat who enjoys playtime. He is quite the methodical hunter with cat toys and feathers. Playful, but not wasting any extra energy he catches his prey. Lou has a strong but quiet purr when he is on the receiving end of a good chin rub. When he feels he's being ignored he'll meow for your attention. Lou's holiday wish is to be adopted to a loving pet guardian. Meet Lou in Cat Adoptions (CA) 27; his ID number is 37305878.

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Meet Skylar & Lou

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