Public Works Crews Respond to Flooded Roads, Downed Streets Lights During Torrential Rains
By Office of Communication
Posted on January 17, 2017, January 17, 2017

Public Works Crews Respond

Earlier this month, light snow and ice kept Public Works and Transportation Field Operation crews busy as they sanded more than 70 locations across Arlington to keep motorists safe.

But it wasn't wintry weather that had the crews back in action this weekend. Sunday night's severe storm event brought torrential rain, which flooded some roads, downed street light poles and trees and knocked out power to traffic signals. In all, Field Operations crews responded to incidents at 18 locations affected by the storm.

Once again, early preparation was pivotal. Early in the week, staff began clearing debris from bridges and box culverts to minimize any potential flooding risks. Emergency response trailers were prepared and on standby; ready to move quickly close flooded locations. The Public Works Emergency Operations Center maintained detailed call records, directed crews to various locations, and updated the Police and Fire departments.

Public Works Field Operations staff constantly monitor weather forecasts to ensure they are prepared to protect the traveling public during any significant weather event.

Public Works Crews Respond

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