Stagecoach Estates Wins Neighborhood Block Party Trailer for NNO Party
By Office of Communication
Posted on September 20, 2018, September 20, 2018


The City of Arlington is proud to announce that Stagecoach Estates in southwest Arlington is the winner of the Block Party Trailer drawing!

In all, the City received 57 entries from neighborhoods vying for the chance to use the Block Party Trailer at their National Night Out party on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

The goal of the Block Party Trailer is to advance community engagement goals in The American Dream City by providing a fun way for neighbors to get together. The trailer, available for free to neighborhood groups, contains picnic tables, folding tables, chairs, water coolers, ice chests, trash and recycling cans, games, street barricades, cones and more.

Here are some other things residents said in their entry forms about what makes their neighborhood a special place to live in:

Emerald Park is an exceptional friendly neighborhood where neighbors know each other and we continue to socialize often. I have been Crime Prevention Coordinator since 1987. This is our neighborhood 31st NNO event. - Patti, Emerald Park Neighborhood

Our family has only lived in our neighborhood just over a year, and we, including our children, have come to trust and enjoy so many of our neighbors. We watch out for each other, help each other, and have quickly become like family to many who live far away from other relatives. This friendship and care supersedes any differences in background, age, race, religion- we appreciate our differences and recognize our similarities, and it's has created a safe place for all of us. We love Shady Valley Drive! - Jamie, Shady Valley

We love our neighborhood because of the friendly people that live here. Everyone is willing to help each other out & we look after each other. We moved in about 9 years ago and a one of our neighbors brought over cookies, brownies & bread to welcome us. I felt like I lived in the cleavers neighborhood. I feel very safe in this area as we watch each other's house. - Becky, Kee Brook Neighborhood

Deer Valley is the best neighborhood in Arlington. We have held NNO's since our neighborhood opened. It is a wonderful community where young and old all work together to have the friendliest and safest neighborhood I have ever lived in! - Gail, Deer Valley

We may be a small 22 family neighborhood, but we look out for each other and enjoy each other's company. Our neighborhood is made up of young and middle age professionals , with a couple of retirees who volunteer at various city functions, police dept. etc. As a group we get together 3-4 times a year to keep the friendships going. - James, Trails West

Our neighborhood is full of friendly people! People are all very active and I see many of our neighbors out talking to each other. The neighbors in my cul-de-sac are really wonderful! Last winter my dad passed and they provided food and prayers for my family during that difficult time. We look out for each other and are all willing to help each other out. I am never going to move! - Todd, Oakwood

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