Children Ages 8-12 Invited to Join Library’s Scribblers Print Society Writing Club
By Arlington Public Library
Posted on February 03, 2017, February 03, 2017

Children Ages 8-12

Do you know any daring young writers? Creative 8-12 year olds are invited to join Scribblers Print Society, a unique writers club meeting this spring in immersive environment that provide new, exciting experiences each week. Scribblers meets from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoons beginning February 8.

Each meeting takes place at a different unique Arlington landmark. Locations include the Arlington Biz Talk Radio studio, Potager's Other Stuff, Wild West Comics and Games, the Arlington Municipal Airport, and more. After touring the location, Scribblers members will be challenged and inspired to write on a related theme. For example, participants will learn about radio shows at Biz Talk Radio, then they will write their own short broadcasts. Each week will explore a different style of writing. Participants receive a published anthology of all works at the end of the program.

Scribblers Print Society is an exciting opportunity for children to creatively write and express themselves outside the traditional classroom or library setting. "We hope that the combination of colorful prompts and diverse locations gives Arlington children the opportunity to use their imagination to create a story," says Librarian Morgan Brickey, "and a love of writing that lasts long after the program ends."

For more information about Scribblers Print Society, including the full list of locations, click here.

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