Theatre Arlington’s School of Rock: Youth Production Opens Friday
By Dahlia Muana
Posted on February 16, 2017, February 16, 2017

Arlington, are you ready to rock?

Tickets are still available to attend School of Rock: Youth Production, opening this Friday at Theatre Arlington, 305 W. Main St.

This musical involves more than 30 children in cast and crew roles. All of the participants are under the age of 18 and most are residents of Arlington, Mansfield and Grand Prairie.

"The main characters have to be able to play an instrument. A couple kids learned an instrument just to audition," said Kim Lawson, Theatre Arlington's Director of Marketing and Development.

Daily rehearsals began on Jan. 15. While initial rehearsals involved only select cast members, current daily rehearsals are attended by all members, Lawson said.

"It's a lot of work, whether you're a youth or an adult performer," Lawson said. "They have school during the day and come in the evening to rehearse. Near the end, it's crunch time."

School of Rock runs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until March 5. Tickets cost $15 for individuals and $12 for groups of 10+. This musical, which lasts about 2 hours, is recommended for audiences ages 10 and up.

Youth Production Opens Friday

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