Section of River Legacy Parks Hike and Bike Trail Temporarily Closed
By Parks And Recreation
Posted on October 12, 2018, October 12, 2018

A segment of the River Legacy Parks paved hike and bike trail will be temporarily closed effective Oct. 12, 2018, due to continued erosion from the Trinity River that has made the trail unsafe for use. The trail will be shut down from Snider Creek Bridge eastward to mile marker 2.0 on Friday.

The parks department will begin work on a temporary re-routing along the eroded area that should be complete in November, which will initially be soft-surface until paving can be accomplished. This re-routing will provide trail access until a permanent realignment of the trail is completed.

Recognizing the eminent impact of the erosion to the trail in several locations, the City of Arlington initiated a safety study in April 2017. This justified the design and construction of a permanent re-alignment to shift the trail away from the areas of erosion concern. Unfortunately, the recent heavy rains have caused the erosion to outpace the realignment project. Design is well underway and construction is scheduled to commence in summer 2019, with an estimated construction timeline of approximately one year. This schedule may vary due to the permitting process associated with construction projects within the floodplain.

Both River Legacy Parks parking lots remain open. Trail access within the main portion of the park to Snider Creek Bridge is accessible from the entrance off of North Green Oaks Boulevard, while the Collins Street entrance remains open for westward trail access to mile marker 2.0.

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