Library’s Spring Break Story Bonanza offers Events for All Ages
By Arlington Public Library
Posted on February 28, 2017, February 28, 2017

Bonanza offers

"Once upon a time..." These four simple words hold a multitude of possibilities. From March 11 through March 16, Arlington Public Library celebrates the art of storytelling with Spring Break Story Bonanza, 16 programs for a variety of ages.

These events are created to inspire and empower, as everyone is a storyteller. If you've ever described a dream, explained why you were late, or talked about childhood memories, you've told stories!

Storytelling is important for all ages. Children love hearing stories and they're learning the structure of language while they listen. Try Silly Stories, where children ages 5-8 will hear hilarious stories from our librarians.

Older children, teens, and adults can practice communication skills and express themselves through stories as well. Ages 9-12 can recombine classic fairy tales to create a new story in Enchanted Forest Explorers. Movie-minded teens are invited to learn screenplay basics at Film Nerds, a three-day screenwriting camp. Adults can sign up for Everyone Has a Story, a writer's workshop with National Book Award-winning author Kimberly Willis HoltExplore the full list of spring break programs to see what interests you.

Our Story Bonanza programs flex the imagination, give a voice to those afraid to speak, challenge the adventure-seekers, and celebrate wonder. We invite you to come. Explore what lies between the beginning, middle, and end. We hope you never outgrow the pleasure from hearing, reading, watching, or even telling a good story!

Click here to see the full schedule of events.

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