Arlington Library Hosts Reading Corps Community Carnival
By Arlington Public Library
Posted on October 14, 2015, October 14, 2015

Arlington Library

On Saturday, October 3, 2015, the Arlington Public Library hosted the Community Reading Corps Carnival at Bob Cooke Park. The event promoted family literacy and specifically, the library's ongoing Reading Corps program. Activities included a reading station, word-building games, a journaling/coloring station, a book walk, literacy computer games on the library's TechLink bus and face-painting. In addition to these activities, families enjoyed snacks, learned about library resources like Read It Again kits and went home with a stack of books. Over 70 participants came out for this reading-oriented gathering.

The Community Reading Corps Carnival is a prime example of the Arlington community coming together to promote a worthy cause. The event was led by the Arlington Public Library's AmeriCorps VISTA members. Much of the event's success is also due to a group of volunteers from Crossroads Church in Grand Prairie who participated as part of their church's Day of Service. Other volunteers included a professional photographer who volunteered her time to ensure that the event was well-documented. A couple of the older guests even jumped in as volunteers to help at the popular face-painting station.

All of the supplies used for this event were either donated or came from from past library events, demonstrating a cost-effective way to present a morning of learning, fun, and games to the community. For example, families in attendance were able to select books to take home from the many boxes of donations from individuals and organizations from across the community.

Community Reading Corps Carnival is one part of the wider, ongoing effort by the Arlington Public Library and its VISTA members to stress the importance of grade-level reading for all students. If you are interested in helping with this mission, consider volunteering as a Reading Buddy with the library's Reading Corps. Check out more information at

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