Enhanced Landscaping Planned for Southeast Portion of Arlington Landfill
By Office of Communication
Posted on February 09, 2018, February 09, 2018

The southeast portion of the Arlington Landfill, visible from Collins Street, will soon undergo a transformation from towering, dirt-covered mounds into a sloped landscaped area featuring flowering trees, bushes and ornamental grasses.

Republic Services announced the landscaping plan, which is part of a significant construction project to cap and beautify the now-closed southeast section of the landfill. Over the coming months, Republic Services will install a final cap over the 22-acre former disposal site, which is a small section of the City of Arlington-owned landfill. Work will include installing a base layer of engineered soil liner and cover soils, incorporating an irrigation system and drainage structures, and planting enhanced vegetation and grasses.

The final cap and landscaping project, which exceeds Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements, fulfills a commitment that Republic Services made to the community in late 2016. As a good neighbor, the landfill contractor worked directly with Viridian developers to design a landscaping plan that fits the nearby master planned community's look and feel.

For example, the vegetation that will be planted at the landfill consists of the same varieties found in the Viridian community, including Texas Mountain Laurels, Crepe Myrtles, Desert Willows, and Purple Muhly Grass.

The enhancements, approved by the City of Arlington and the TCEQ, are being paid for by Republic Services, with contributions from the Viridian development.

While the project is under way, disposal operations will continue in the northeast portion of the landfill over the next 18 months. Once that section is filled to grade - which is currently expected in early 2020 - Republic Services' Landfill Team will place a final cap on it and plant the same enhanced vegetation to maintain a consistent look across the entire slope.

The Arlington Landfill, located at 800 Mosier Valley Road, is open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For questions or more information, please visit or call 817-354-2300.

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