Arlington’s Grease for Greens Cooking Oil Collection Set for Dec. 1
By Office of Communication
Posted on November 14, 2018, November 14, 2018

Want to protect your sanitary sewer pipes and maybe win a free round of golf? Arlington residents have an opportunity to do both this holiday season as part of the 2018 Grease for Greens event.

Participating is easy. Bring in used cooking oil for disposal from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 1 at Tierra Verde Golf Club, 7005 Golf Club Drive. The Grease for Greens event will recycle and transform used cooking oil into biodiesel for Tierra Verde Golf Club's lawnmower fuel. A raffle will take place for participants to win a free round of golf.

Grease for Greens began in 2013 when the City's Parks and Recreation and Water Utilities departments partnered together to garner community involvement. The partnership followed Tierra Verde Golf Club's biodiesel program launch in 2009. Biodiesel provides a cleaner fuel with enhanced performance for the machinery. As a result, the engines run better for longer and taxpayer money is saved.

By not properly disposing of fats, oils and grease, residents can hurt themselves and their neighbors. When items like salad dressing, turkey grease and meat fat are poured down the drain or garbage disposal, it eventually builds up and clogs the sewer line. This is especially true during colder weather. The blockages can cause the sewer to overflow into the home as well as the neighborhood, streets, and surrounding bodies of water.

If a resident cannot attend Grease for Greens and has more than three gallons of used cooking oil, an appointment for pick-up, the week of Nov. 26, can be set by calling 817-459-5902. Grease and other hazardous household waste can be taken to the Environmental Collection Center, 6400 Bridge St., Fort Worth, throughout the year for free disposal. Residents can also utilize the City's monthly collection events. For more information, please visit

The Water Utilities Department appeared on the latest episode of Ask Arlington on MyArlingtonTV, featured at the top of the article. The show highlights tips and need to know information related to fats, oils and grease as you and your family prepare your turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner.


Remember, to reduce overflow and sewer clogs:

  • Never pour fats, oils, or grease down the drain or garbage disposal. Once it is cooled down, store it in a sealed-container and take it for recycling at a disposal center.
  • Utilize strainers to catch food items and dispose of properly in the trash.
  • Absorb the remaining fats, oils, and grease by wiping the dishes down with an absorbent material and throw into the trash.
  • Compost when possible and then scrape the remaining food, fats, oils, grease and sauces into the trash or sealable containers for recycling.
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