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Bridging the Gap: Arlington’s River Legacy Trail Extension on Pace for Fall Completion
By Office of Communication
Posted on July 19, 2018, July 19, 2018

Hikers, bikers and nature lovers in The American Dream City will soon have a longer trail to explore through Arlington's beautiful River Legacy Parks.

The City of Arlington recently completed installation of two pedestrian bridges that will help extend the popular 7-mile trail by another half-mile, stretching the path east to the Fort Worth city limits. The steel bridges - one that is 100 feet long and the other that is 140 feet long - span small tributaries running through the heavily wooded north Arlington park.

Arlington's $1.3 million trail extension, scheduled to be complete by September, will fill in one of the gaps in what will eventually become a 64-mile-long trail system along the Trinity River between Dallas and Fort Worth. These pathways are designed to create inviting amenities for long-distance runners, cyclists, and others who enjoy the outdoors. The trail through River Legacy Parks, the crown jewel of Arlington's park system, is currently the largest continuous section in the regional hike and bike trail system.

This future section of trail will extend north from the existing 7 Mile Marker in the River Legacy Parks, curve around the western side of Riverside Golf Club and continue east to end at the SH 360 right of way.

A Transportation Alternative Program Grant from the Texas Department of Transportation is covering $461,532 of Arlington's trail linkage project. The remaining portion is being paid for from the Arlington Parks and Recreation capital project budget.

As part of its priority to Champion Great Neighborhoods, the Arlington City Council supports projects such as trails that are designed to improve the quality of life for residents. The trail connectivity between Fort Worth and Dallas will also help Enhance Regional Mobility, another City Council priority.

While most of the construction will be in River Legacy Parks, two portions of trail will run through Viridian, a residential community bordering the park.

Don't live near River Legacy Parks? Find out which public parks or other city amenities are close to you through the easy-to-use City of Arlington Neighborhood Amenities App.

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