Know Your H2O: New Feature Allows Arlington Customers to Monitor Daily Water Usage
By Traci Peterson
Posted on November 27, 2018, November 27, 2018

The Arlington Water Utilities online account page has a new look and several updated features to let you "Know Your H2O" like never before. For residents with remote read meters, the updated website now includes access to daily water usage totals.

Slightly more than half, almost 60,000, of the city's water meters are already part of the city's Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI, network, meaning their water meters transmit usage readings remotely, in a safe and secure manner, to the city's billing system. The installation of remotely read meters is part of a city-wide effort to enhance water meter accuracy and help residents manage water usage. An additional 9,000 remote read meters will be installed each year until all meters in Arlington are remotely read.

"In Texas, we know that the next extremely dry summer isn't a matter of if; it's a matter of when. That's why we continue to encourage residents to use water efficiently throughout the year. Being able to track their account daily gives residents control over their water use. It's an effective way to prevent surprises in your monthly utility bill," said Craig Cummings, director of Arlington Water Utilities.

Visit to log in to your existing online account or register online. In addition to the Know Your H2O daily usage dashboard, the newly updated website has several new features that all Arlington Water customers can access. As always, residents can pay or view their current bill online. Other new features include:

  • A "Bills and Payment" tab where residents can download PDF copies of current and past bills.
  • A "Forms" tab that lists all the forms that customers might need in one easy-to-access spot, including donation enrollment forms, and forms for transferring or disconnecting service.
  • A "Billed Usage" tab that allows all residents to compare monthly readings for up to two years and compare their billed usage to monthly temperatures.
  • And in 2019, new features will be added that allow residents with remote read meters to set alerts notifying them when their water usage reaches a set amount.

The new website also is more responsive when viewed on a tablet or mobile phone. It also is equipped with a Google Translate button, which allows translations in 60 languages. The website's new Remote Read Meter tab also allows residents to display trend line showing daily temperatures by clicking "Avg. Daily Temperature" below the interval reading chart.

As of Nov. 2, 59,156 remote read metering units have been installed throughout Arlington since 2011. This is part of a 10-year meter replacement program. The meters being changed out are replaced with the same meter style and accuracy that has been used in the water industry for many years.

Visit to learn more about Arlington Water Utilities, the AMI program and remote read meters. Please click here for a guide about the new online account access features.

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