City Completes Wimbledon Drainage Project to Alleviate Neighborhood Flooding
By Office of Communication
Posted on November 29, 2018, November 29, 2018

The Wimbledon Drainage project to alleviate flooding in a southwest Arlington neighborhood has completed major construction two months ahead of schedule. This $1.7 million project is part of the City's efforts to identify and mitigate flooding concerns throughout The American Dream City.

While construction primarily focused on the installation of new stormwater infrastructure and increasing capacity of existing drainage facilities, the project also included improvements to other utilities and infrastructure. In addition to stormwater improvements, the project also included landscape improvements, water and sanitary sewer renewals, and concrete panel and asphalt paving and reclamation on the roadways.

This project was primarily funded by revenue collected through the Stormwater Utility Fee. Since 2009, these funds have been used, in part to fund:

$53 million current or completed flood mitigation construction projects;

$2.5 million flood mitigation projects currently under design;

$4.9 million investment in streambank stabilization and erosion mitigation projects;

$4 million investment in infrastructure maintenance projects;

$1 million investment in stream gauges, annual contracts, etc.; and

$6.5 million investment in watershed studies and regulation enforcement

Click here to learn more about the City's Stormwater Management Program.

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