Technology-WordleThe Arlington City Council has identified "Leverage Technology" as a priority. Technology touches all parts of the city life - our organization, residents and businesses. It is also integral in achieving the City's other four priorities including investing in our economy, supporting quality education, enhancing regional mobility and championing great neighborhoods. This emphasis, which includes enhancing current and embracing new technologies, will improve access, convenience and timeliness of information for our community, creating greater transparency. Additionally, the organization will benefit from increased efficiency and security leading to greater responsiveness. This will lead to economic growth and will position Arlington to provide better services and experiences to all who we serve - residents, businesses, schools and visitors alike.

Advance New Technologies

SmartphoneThe City will work with residents, local businesses, corporate organizations and educational entities to ensure that Arlington is a place where technological innovations are possible. We will anticipate changes in new technologies by leveraging partnerships throughout the City. By keeping up-to-date and anticipating new technologies within our community, we can be proactive in solving challenges and making impactful changes. We strive to keep up with our residents and partnerships needs to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding their technological expectations.

Build Infrastructure for the Future

Public-WorksWe envision a community where the City, as well as its citizens and businesses, are provided an opportunity to be engaged as well as educated in the latest technology. Our advanced infrastructure would allow the city to be fully connected to a digital society by making our internet a utility, rather than a privilege. This would help in improving the quality of life for our citizens and provide them better personal opportunities, as well as broaden civic engagement and build public trust in government. Implementation of new technology measures in City departments will also improve service outcomes and keep us up-to-date with progressive industry professionals. Additionally, investing in an advanced infrastructure would allow the City to attract new and expanding businesses, who are looking for a location with a technology-driven economy.

TransparencySecurity - Privacy and Transparency

Public service extends to the digital world as well as the physical world. The City will be a steward of the data, protecting the public's interest while advancing, engaging, and creating openly and responsibly. Our corporate culture will also make Digital Arlington a safe place to live, work, learn, play and thrive.

Engage Our Data

The City is committed to leveraging data-driven decision making in order to improve internal efficiencies, analyze current and future needs and opportunities, and increase transparency for Arlington's citizens and business community. Engaging available data encourages greater real-time understanding of items affecting Arlington's neighborhoods, economy, mobility and education assets. Improved understanding yields increased opportunity for accurate and responsive allocation of service for all City needs.