The Mayor’s Youth Commission was developed to inform the Mayor and City staff of issues affecting Arlington’s youth. The former Mayor of Arlington, Robert Cluck, created the Commission the summer of 2006 to address youth violence after it gained national attention. On October 5, 2006, the first Commission meeting was held with a Chair, City staff members and youth representing every Arlington Independent School District junior high school and high school with a mix of gender, ethnicity, ages and academic records. In February 2007, the Mayor expanded the Commission to include eleven Arlington community organizations that provided youth-based programs or services. In April of 2007, Parks and Recreation department took the lead of the program. At that point, the decision was made to allow the members of the Commission to identify an annual theme to focus on. The Commission strives to engage in volunteer and leadership opportunities and activities that strengthen youth involvement in the community.


The mission of the Mayor’s Youth Commission is to bridge relations between youth and community leaders. The Commission also strives to serve through various volunteer projects aimed at positively impacting Arlington.


The Mayor’s Youth Commission will be recognized as a voice for all youth in the City of Arlington and as a resource for decision-makers. The Commission Sponsor and Staff liaison along with other adult community members will help youth connect to services and leadership opportunities that provide them with the skills needed to become ambassadors for youth in the City of Arlington.

Goals: 2011 to current

  1. Create a voice for youth.
  2. Promote thinkers who want to make a difference for everyone.
  3. Help youth become good leaders and citizens.
  4. Help teens make better choices by providing positive options within the City.
  5. Make Arlington awesome.