Many of our daily activities can cause pollutants to enter our local waterways through rain water which runs off impervious surfaces like roofs, sidewalks and driveways. This stormwater runoff picks up pollutants like pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, vehicle fluids, pool chemicals, sediments, yard waste and pet waste from our residential areas and carries it to the nearest storm drain which flows to our creeks, streams and lakes. These waterways provide food, water and recreation for our community. Pollutants can increase the cost of water treatment, prevent enjoyment of our recreational areas and harm the local wildlife.

Proper Use of Pesticides and Fertilizers

Proper Use, Storage and Disposal of Chemicals

Home Automotive Maintenance

Illegal Stream Dumping

Motorized Vehicle Washing

Swimming pool and Spa water

Pet Waste - Doo the Right Thing!


Water Quality Definitions