StormTalkers would like to invite your students on a Stormwater Adventure! Visit the underwater world of our creeks, streams and lakes! They will meet the small animals that live in this ecosystem and explore the effects of stormwater pollution on their home!

This program will reintroduce the topic of stormwater pollution to upper elementary school students. The program will begin with a presentation about point source and non-point source pollutants as well as the three main types of stormwater pollutants: Chemical, Natural, and Litter which are carried by stormwater through our urban stormwater infrastructure and into our rivers and creeks.

The Kids will explore the effects of stormwater pollution on the water quality of our creeks and streams by learning how stormwater pollution effects small animals and insects and how this affects the food chain and food webs of freshwater ecosystems.

The students will engage in a water pollution and Macro-invertebrate graphing exercise. The students will then be able to make an aquatic macro-invertebrate necklace to take home.

This program is geared toward 4th and 5th grade students and includes the following:

  • A short presentation on the Stormwater Drainage System and Stormwater Pollution Prevention
  • Water pollution and Macro-invertebrate graphing exercise
  • Craft project that they can take home
  • Each child will also receive a copy of “Song of the Water Boatman” and a copy of “Bugs Don't Bother Me ” activity and coloring book courtesy of Utah State University.