Fred The FishThe StormTalkers program would like for you to meet Fred the Fish. He lives in a mountaintop lake out in the wilderness. He has lived there all of his life, but one day he decides to follow the stream that leads down the mountain. Fred would like your students to come along on his downstream adventure! Find out what Fred encounters on his trip and how it affects them!

While accompanying Fred as he travels downstream, children will be participants in the simulation of Fred's stream becoming polluted. Through this simulation activity, children will discover the importance of preventing stormwater pollution. Students will explore the meaning of stormwater runoff and discover how pollutants enter our creeks, streams and lakes. They will discuss the different ways to prevent these pollutants from entering our waterways and negatively impacting our water resources.

This program is geared toward 1st and 2nd grade students and includes the following:

  • A short presentation on Stormwater Runoff, Stormwater Drainage System, and Stormwater point and non-point pollution
  • Short Video ” Fred the Fish Teaches About Stormwater” courtesy of North Central Texas Council of Governments' Public Education Task Force
  • Fred the Fish Demonstration
  • Color their own wooden Fred the Fish
  • Each child will also receive a Water Quality Activity and Coloring Book.