One Start Development Center

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The One Start Development Center is your one-stop shop for all property related services in Arlington. Some of the highlights listed below are just a sample of the many services we now offer from our site, or at the One Start Development Center, located on the 2nd floor of Arlington City Hall at 101 W. Abram Street.


The Engineering Division is responsible for the review of water, sewer, paving, and drainage studies and plans related to private development within the city. Learn more…


Sign standards in Arlington were developed in order to promote a positive City image reflecting order, thereby strengthening the economic stability of Arlington's business, cultural and residential areas. Current planning staff review the Sign permits for compliance with these adopted standards. Learn more…


Zoning establishes the types of land uses permitted on a specific tract of land. Zoning also regulates the size, intensity, and height of development, as well as signage, screening, and parking related to development. Learn more…


State law requires every owner of any tract of land who divides that tract into two or more parts to first file a plat. Learn more…

Municipal Setting Designation

An MSD is an official state designation given to property within a municipality or its extraterritorial jurisdiction that certifies that designated groundwater at the property is not used as potable water, and is prohibited from future use as potable water because that groundwater is contaminated in excess of the applicable potable-water protective concentration level. Learn more…

Improve the Value of Your Investment

If you have been waiting to make those costly upgrades to your home, then it's time to make it happen. The Arlington Home Improvement Incentive Program (AHIIP) is in place to encourage you to make improvements in your home or business that will increase the value of your investment.
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