As of November 18th, all Fire Permits must be reviewed by an approved Third-Party Organization before applying through (See third-party list below).

The application process:
Step 1: Select a Third-Party Organization (TPO) from the list below to review your plans.
Step 2: Wait until the TPO has completed the review of your plans before submitting to the City.
Step 3: Apply for your fire permit online at once the TPO has completed their review:
          a. If you do not wish to upload your plans electronically when applying, then provide a flash-drive along with one printed copy for city approval.
          b. Upload the TPO's plan review comment letter with your permit application.
          c. Upload all calculations and specifications.
          d. Provide at least one printed copy for final city approval.  Reference the permit number and job address on the printed copy.

This does not apply to over-the-counter permit applications with 9 sprinkler heads or less. 

On July 5, the City Council approved the City's Third Party Organization (TPO) Program that provides for the option of third party plan review and/or inspections effective August 1, 2005.

A PDF file of the program documents and a Word file of the application is attached for use by interested third party organizations.

The City will be accepting registration forms immediately and construction projects reviewed by TPOs may be submitted on August 1 or after.

This web page will be updated periodically with additional information as it becomes available.