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The City of Arlington Parks and Recreation Department strives to provide the best facilities and service to the community. In order to achieve this goal the department must identify opportunities to capture non-traditional revenue and develop partnerships. The City of Arlington has a multitude of opportunities for residents and businesses to become involved, including: donations, sponsoring/naming park assets (park benches, trees, etc.), sponsoring community programs and events, advertising in parks and facilities (concrete stickers, signage, Splash Radio, etc.), and advertising in department publications (the Naturally Funtimes, email newsletters or department webpages). For more information, please contact Derek DeBusk at 817-575-8283.

Businesses looking for unique sponsorship opportunities or consistent exposure across multiple venues/mediums may be asked to work with S&B Visionary. Through a sponsorship and advertising program that was developed in 2013, S&B Visionary aids the Parks and Recreation Department in identifying potential sponsors and advertisers and developing solutions that provide value for everyone.



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