Homeless Housing Services Program (HHSP)

Arlington residents at risk of homelessness can apply for assistance through the City’s Homeless Housing and Services Program (HHSP) which is a state funded initiative used in Arlington to help the homeless and those in imminent danger of becoming homeless. The City utilizes the funding in furtherance of its City Council adopted 10-year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness. The Arlington Housing Authority (AHA) has managed and operated this grant on behalf of the City since 2010.

The funds are primarily utilized for Arlington renters who are in imminent danger of being evicted from their rental unit and, without financial assistance, would become homeless. For persons already experiencing homelessness, funds will be used to help them re-enter stable rental housing by assisting with payment of the security deposit and first month’s rent. The City anticipates that it will serve approximately 85 families annually.


Currently, we are providing up to 20 applications per week.

  • Applications can be requested, in person at our office, each Monday beginning at 8:00 am. 
  • Applications must be completed and returned within 5 business days, with all required documents
  • Applications will be accepted in person at our office or by fax to 817-962-1260 or email staff. 


Eligible applicants must be at risk of becoming homeless AND

  • Reside in the City of Arlington at the time of pre-screening form completion
  • Have income at or below 50% area median income HUD Income Limits
  • Have official eviction and/or utility disconnect notice

If approved for assistance

  1. Applicant's rental unit must pass a Housing Quality Standards Inspection performed by the Arlington Housing Authority; AND
  2. Landlord must agree to stop the eviction action if past due rent is satisfied through this program.

NOTE: Persons currently receiving rental housing assistance from a federal, state, or local governmental entity are not eligible for assistance through HHSP. 

To receive additional information, please contact the Arlington Housing Authority:

  • 501 W. Sanford Street, Suite 20, Arlington, TX 76011
  • by telephone: 817-276-6713
  • or email staff here

For resources with finances, food, clothing, shelter, employment, education, transportation, childcare, and contact information for other helpful organizations, view our List of Resources in English (pdf) and in Spanish (pdf)or contact Tarrant County Homeless Coalition.