Signing up for Handitran Self-Service

Passengers or their designees wishing to use self-service must complete the sign-up process:

  1. Passenger or their designee will first provide a current e-mail address to Handitran staff. The e-mail address will be used for acceptance of the self-service user agreement and account verification.
  2. Handitran will send an electronic user agreement that includes a copy of policies & procedures and the self-service user guide.
  3. Passenger or their designee will review the user agreement and contact Handitran staff via phone or e-mail if there are any questions regarding the self-service polices & procedures.
  4. Passenger will decide upon a user name, which will be used for logging into the self-service system.
  5. If there are no questions and the passenger or their designee wish to accept the terms of the agreement, they will reply via email, stating that the terms are agreed to, and will include their chosen user name.
  6. Handitran staff will electronically archive the accepted user agreement for our records.
  7. Handitran staff will activate the self-service function in the passenger's Ecolane profile, which will auto-generate an email to the passenger that will contain a WEB link to the self-service system.

Handitran Self-Service User Agreement

Passengers who choose to utilize the self-service system understand that they are responsible for all data that is directly input by the passenger and any actions that result from their interactions. Users of the Handitran Self-Service are responsible for the accurate input of:

  1. Correct addresses
  2. Correct trip request date
  3. Requested pick-up times
  4. Requested drop-off times
  5. The number of additional riders (PCA's and/or escorts)
  6. Trip Purpose
  7. Cancellation of trips
  8. Any changes made to account details

Passengers also understand that Handitran reserves the right to remove passenger access from the self-service system.

No-Shows of Handitran Self-Service Trips

Users of Handitran Self-Service understand that any trip request input that is not cancelled by the user or has received a denial by the self service system is to be considered a deliverable trip. Any self-service trips that result in no-shows will be counted as valid no-shows and will be subject to the Handitran No-Show Policy.

Self-Service Trips and Rideshare

Rideshare is a necessary tool for demand response service. Self-service trips are subject to the same potential for ridesharing as trips scheduled through a Handitran Scheduling agent.

Using Handitran Self-Service

The Handitran self-service system is designed to assist passengers by providing the convenience of the ability to:

  • Check trip times
  • Check the estimated arrival of their vehicle
  • Cancel trips
  • Schedule advanced trips

Limitations of Handitran Self-Service

The Handitran Self-Service trip scheduling function has several built in limitations which are designed to make scheduling a trip request easy while also having a minimal negative impact on overall service. These limitations include:

  • No same-day requests
  • A fixed 2 hour negotiation window
  • No ability to request a vehicle type
  • No ability to change assistive device

The self-service scheduling function is intended to be used for trips where a passenger has the ability to be flexible with their trip needs. Passengers who require specific pick-up or drop-off times are encouraged to make those requests directly with a Handitran Scheduling agent.