The City of Arlington Outdoor Warning Siren System consists of more than 50 sirens designed to alert and notify the general population in outdoor areas of imminent or existing emergency situations. When sirens are activated, citizens should seek shelter indoors and tune to local news sources to gain further information on the emergency situation.

Reasons for Activation

  1. Natural Emergencies – A disaster or an emergency is imminent or has occurred due to a tornado, flash flood/high water, straight-line winds, large hail, or severe storm.
  2. Act of Terrorism – Impending attack, actual attack, or terrorism threat/incident against the City of Arlington, Tarrant County, State of Texas or United States.
  3. Chemical Emergency – An accidental release, spill, or burning of a hazardous substance at a fixed facility or along a transportation route i.e. railroad, highway, pipeline, or waterway.
  4. Nuclear Incident – Radiation fallout hazards exist from nuclear detonations or accident.
  5. Any other reason needed to notify the public of imminent threat/danger.

Weather Alert Radios

Are available to the general public for approximately $50 at many locations in Arlington. These electric-powered radios have back up battery power. They sound an alarm when the National Weather Service issues a bulletin, including a severe weather watch or warning. Weather alert radios provide an excellent measure of safety for homes, businesses and schools.

Outdoor Warning Siren System Testing

The City of Arlington tests its Outdoor Warning Siren System on the first Wednesday of every month at 1:00 p.m., weather permitting.

The University of Texas at Arlington will also conduct its siren test the first Wednesday of every month at 12:30 PM. The test – which will be heard campus-wide through strategically placed loudspeakers – will consist of a combination of chimes and prerecorded announcements.

The University community will hear electronic chimes and then the following announcement: “This is a test of the University Outdoor Warning System. This is only a test. If this had been an actual emergency, additional instructions would be broadcast. This is only a test.” At the conclusion of the test, the following announcement will be broadcast: “This concludes the test of the Outdoor Warning System. Please resume normal operations.”

Outdoor Warning System Sirens Map