On June 18, 2013, the City Council approved an amendment to the Uniform Housing Code Chapter of the Code of the City of Arlington. The amendments provide for the following:

  • The requirement of an annual multi-family license
  • The probationary status, denial, suspension or revocation of a Multi-Family license
  • The annual attendance of a training program specific to code familiarization and crime prevention

For any additional information contact Code Compliance Supervisor Ann Ebert at 817-459-5985.

Annual Property Inspection Fees Pursuant to the Uniform Housing Chapter

Multi-Family Apartment and Extended Stay property fees cover city expenses for each annual property inspection. Fees are divided into two payments per year, with billing cycles occurring in March and September.

Standard annual property fees which include the initial inspection and the first re-inspection are as follows:

  • Multi-Family Apartment: $20.00 per unit
  • Extended Stay: $86.04 per unit
  • On September 12, 2023, the City Council approved Resolution 23-249 pursuant to the authority contained in the Uniform Housing Chapter.

After the initial and first re-inspection, violations that remain will require additional re-inspection(s) until the violation(s) has been corrected. Each re-inspection will result in an additional $150 fee.

Failure to pay billed amounts upon receipt may result in citation issuance and referral of account to the City Attorney for collections. For information relating to the Multi-Family Apartment and Extended Stay Inspection Program, contact Ann Ebert at [email protected], or by calling 817-459-5985. For billing related questions, contact Nicole Childress-Talton at [email protected], or call 817-459-6224.

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