Vacant StructuresIn an effort to preserve neighborhood integrity and deter the unlawful use of vacant homes and businesses, owners of both residential and commercial vacant structures are required to maintain their property in accordance with city ordinances. Along with continued property maintenance, vacant structures must be kept secure from unauthorized entry at all times. The City of Arlington encourages anyone to report code violations, including any unsecured properties by contacting Code Compliance by one of the following methods:

    • North Arlington - 101 S. Mesquite Street, Suite 600 (on the sixth floor)
    • South Arlington - 1030 S.W. Green Oaks Boulevard (South Police Station)
    • East Arlington - 2001 New York Avenue (East Police Station)
    • West Arlington - 2060 W. Green Oaks Boulevard (West Police Station)

View webpage with maps of District office locations here.

By proactively communicating and working together, we can keep our neighborhoods safe and strong.