The Arlington Property Renewal Program (APRP) was established to assist qualifying property owners with financial assistance to help positively impact property value and the safety of our residents and visitors.

To be eligible to receive APRP funds, an Arlington property owner must:

  • Have an Arlington single-family residential property found to be in violation of city ordinance by a Code Compliance Officer
  • Be an owner occupied single-family residential property
  • Be financially unable to rehabilitate or repair their property or premises to comply with applicable city ordinances
  • File an application with the APRP for the purpose of rehabilitating or repairing the applicant’s property or premises until it complies with city ordinances
  • Not have received funds from the APRP within the preceding 60 months

Financial assistance follows the 125% income requirements of the 2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Annual Household Income Limits by Number of Family Members

2022 Poverty Guidelines

# in Family/Household Poverty Guideline 125%
2 $18,310 $22,887
3 $23,030 $28,787
4 $27,750 $34,687
5 $32,470 $40,587
6 $37,190 $46,487
7 $41,910 $52,387
8 $46,630 $58,287

For families/households applying for the APRP with more than eight (8) persons, add $4,720 for each additional person. See table at


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