As a tenant, or as a property-owner, there are certain expectations as to the conditions of a rental property. The codes and ordinances implemented by the City of Arlington are to help protect tenants and contribute to a thriving community. Code Compliance officers enforce the ordinances in a fair and impartial manner. There are times however, when renters or property owners have concerns that may not be covered by the codes and ordinances and must be handled as a civil manner between the tenant and landlord.

Learn About Your Rights as a Tenant

Resources/other Assistance

Better Business Bureau Fort Worth (serving Tarrant County)

1300 Summit Avenue, Suite 700
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(800) 621-8566, or (817) 332-7585

Legal Aid of North West Texas

600 E. Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(800) 995-3959 or (817) 336-3943

Mission Arlington / Mission Metroplex

210 W. South Street
Arlington, TX 76010

Contact online at, or call (817) 277-6620.

Apartment Association of Tarrant County (AATC)

Contact the AATC online at, or direct customer inquiries and complaints to the help line at (817) 284-1123 or (817) 284-1121.

Report a Concern

Report a code violation online or by calling the Action Center at (817) 459-6777. In case of emergency call 9-1-1.