Arlington is on a roll. That's the message former mayor Robert Cluck delivered at the 2014 State of the City, which was hosted by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce at the Arlington Convention Center during lunchtime. Instead of a speech, 2014's format was called "A Conversation with Mayor Cluck' with Arlington Marketing Communications Manager Jay Warren participating in the conversation with Mayor Cluck.

A few of the highlights the mayor discussed this year included:

  • Experienced the lowest crime rate in years
  • Rising sales tax revenue
  • Rising property values, while foreclosures are declining
  • Growing tourism industry that contributes to City's success
  • City Council's priorities that support quality education and invest in the City's economy

Additionally, Arlington just launched the City's new brand, which was a priority this year established by City Council, who wanted Arlington to have an identifiable brand for the City.

With so much going on in Arlington - specifically high-profile events like the Super Bowl, World Series and Cotton Bowl - and growth that have propelled the City to become the 50th largest in the country, Arlington leadership knew that a brand was critical to the ongoing prosperity of the community.

"With that much attention, we realized that if we didn't define ourselves, others would do it for us,' Mayor Cluck said.

With that, Arlington is now branding itself as "The American Dream City,' which resonates with the community because it incorporates all parts of Arlington, said Cluck, from small businesses to parks and residents.

The audience saw several videos during the mayor's presentation showcasing the City's new brand and the highlights of the past year in Arlington. Here are links to all of those videos:

Video #1 - Arlington: The American Dream City

Video #2 - Mayor Robert Cluck's American Dream Story

Video #3 - Arlington's 2014 State of the City

Video #4 - Living Your Dream in Arlington