As a member of the Mayor’s Youth Commission, it is important that you conduct yourself appropriately at all times and in all circumstances.

  • Attend Meetings
    • If unable to attend, notify Staff Liaison or Sponsor by email
    • If applicable, complete and submit a Meeting Exemption Form
  • During meetings
    • Commit to follow the “order of business” for each meeting
    • When in doubt, ask! Ask an officer. Ask your sponsor. Ask another member.
  • Attend MYC Events
  • Respect every MYC member at all times. This includes during official meetings, projects, and events. This also includes non-MYC events which occur during school, social and sporting events and public gatherings.
  • Listen to and respect fellow MYC members’ opinions, comments and/or presentations.
    • Do not interrupt speaker
    • Do not use negative, hurtful or sarcastic words/tones when responding to an opinion, comment or presentation
    • Remain engaged, refrain from being perceived as uninterested or bored
  • Share your knowledge!
    • Make sure you do so with appropriate terms, words, and mediums
  • Absolutely no bullying
  • Read and follow the MYC Social Media Guidelines

Remember that the way you conduct yourself at meetings, outside MYC events, at school, at social & sporting events, and online is a direct reflection of the Mayor’s Youth Commission and its members. Any infraction of these guidelines will result in a review of the actions by the Board of Officers, Staff Liaison, and Sponsor. Continual negative behavior may result in further disciplinary action that could result in dismissal.