Economy-WordleThe Arlington City Council has identified “Invest in Our Economy” as a vital component of the effort to ensure that our community continues to thrive. As Arlington strengthens its position as a key city in the North Texas region, we will develop a systematic approach that directs our future, addresses current and prospective challenges, and positions us to capitalize on opportunities as they develop.

Quality Infrastructure

InfrastructureArlington’s infrastructure is a key element in retaining and attracting quality development. Streets, utilities, parks and buildings are valuable resources that we must continue to protect and preserve. While maintaining and upgrading our existing infrastructure is vital, we must also build new infrastructure to accommodate efficient access and connectivity within the City and beyond. Progressive development policies that allow flexibility and promote natural elements will attract new businesses, help retain and grow existing businesses, and ensure a satisfied workforce. Arlington’s forward-looking approach will enable it to prepare for changing modes of transportation by building infrastructure and creating linkages between the various modes.

Versatile Workforce

JobsCollaboration among the City’s educational partners provides for initiatives that align with employer needs. The City supports the effort to match training and educational opportunities with current and future labor market requirements. Promoting recruitment strategies that target college graduates will ensure that the skill sets essential for attracting and retaining major employers are available in our community. Arlington will take a unified approach to identifying and promoting outreach efforts that strengthen its workforce.

Transformative Redevelopment

City recognizes that our community is largely built out, and plays an integral ro
le in advancing efforts to redevelop aging properties, as well as directing infrastructure repairs and replacement that will contribute to its sustained economic health and revitalization. College-ParkAs part of its strong public sector role, the City will engage in practices that remove barriers to beneficial infill and redevelopment projects, such as the utilization of public and private partnerships, the promotion of targeted areas to prospective developers, coordination with the real estate and business community, and the implementation of policies that align with its redevelopment goals.

Arlington has identified desired outcomes and established a clear framework for redevelopment projects, providing a foundation on which to encourage high-impact projects that positively contribute to the tax base, create a quality of place, and retain and draw new residents and businesses. Key economic centers, including the Downtown/University District, Great Southwest Industrial District, Entertainment District, I-20 Retail Corridor, and the Lamar/Collins Overlay Area, will further transform into vibrant destinations and employment centers.

Vibrant Business Community

General-MotorsArlington’s economic environment fosters innovative programs that will secure the City’s position as a desirable location to do business. Targeted outreach to attract a diverse and thriving business clientele will further strengthen our economy. Existing businesses that expand will provide the best opportunity to grow the City’s employment and tax base. Business retention efforts are conducted through building relationships with existing businesses, which provides partnership opportunities and promotes a sense of community. The City encourages stakeholder support of technology and business incubator initiatives.