This StormTalkers presentation introduces students to the city's Stormwater Drainage System. They will participate in a discussion on how and why it conveys stormwater away from our streets and homes to our local creeks, streams and lakes. This discussion will cover natural floodplain functions, personal flood safety, property protection and building responsibly.  

The presentation will also discuss the three main types of stormwater pollutants: Chemical, Natural, and Litter/debris which are carried by stormwater through our urban stormwater infrastructure and into our streams, creeks, rivers and lakes. They will discuss the different sources of stormwater pollution and discuss different ways in which they can prevent stormwater pollution.

This program is for 3rd grade students and includes the following:

  • Short video “Into the Sewers! A tour of Bloomington's Stormwater Management System”
  • A presentation/discussion on the Stormwater Drainage System, Flood Safety and Awareness , Stormwater Pollution and Prevention
  • Journey Through the Storm Drain System Beaded Bracelet Activity
  • Each child will also receive a Texas Floodplain Managers Association "Texana Tadpole" Water Quality Activity and Coloring book.