Beginning in 5th and 6th grade, our kids become more active in sports, academic clubs, band and other school activities. Children become more independent and are not with their parents or guardians all the time. It is vital they learn basic flood safety and preparedness. Flooding can happen anywhere and at anytime therefore it is important for our children to learn how to protect themselves during these type of emergency events.

This program has been introduced to increase our students understanding of the hazards associated with flooding and increase flood preparedness throughout the City of Arlington. Using an interactive presentation and a hands on activity students learn how to prepare and take action so they can keep themselves and their family safe during a flood emergency.

  • Preparedness Game- Introduces basic safety and preparedness concepts
  • Create a personalized First Aid Bag!
  • Each Student will also receive a Flood Safety and Preparedness Activity packet

Remember that flooding can happen anywhere and at any time but the better prepared you are the safer you will be! So help us be a better prepared city and community by having a Be Flood Prepared presentation at your school!

Schedule a presentation for your students by contacting the Stormwater Education Specialist at 817-459-6572 or via email at