What is the purpose of street lights?

Poor visibility is a major cause of accidents at night. Street light lights assist drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists find their way in the dark by illuminating areas adjoining the roadway to alert drivers of possible hazards from the sides and illuminating walkways for pedestrians.

Although street lights do provide some amount of security in residential areas, this is not their primary purpose and they are not installed for security reasons alone.

Who is responsible for the maintenance and operations of street lights?

Public Works and Transportation: The Public Works and Transportation Department is responsible for the maintenance of over 22,000 street lights on Arlington's roadways.This includes the street lights on IH-20, IH-30, SH 180, SH 360, and US 287.

Asset Management:  The Asset Management Department is responsible for lights located within the City's Park and Ride facilities.

Parks and Recreation:  The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for lights located on the South Center and Mesquite Street bridges, as well as all lights located within city recreation centers, parks, and their parking lots.

Who do I contact to get a street light repaired?

To report malfunctioning street lights on any City managed property, you may submit an online repair request, or contact the responsible department:

Public Works and Transportation:  817-459-5400
Asset Management:  817-459-5424 
Parks and Recreations:  817-459-5474

How long does it take to complete a street light repair?

Lamp replacement and other routine maintenance needs are typically completed within two working days; however, more extensive repairs such as bad underground wiring can take up to 10 workings days to complete.

How do I report issues with lights on private property?

  • ONCOR Guard Lights (Lights located in alleyways, backyards, or channels): ONCOR Street Light Reporting
  • AT&T Stadium Property and Parking Lots:  800-464-7928
  • All Other Private Property:  Property owners or property management company